I tried to take a picture of the ship loading. Since it loads at night the ship has bright lights which shine down from the super structure and light up the dock. I used my iphone to take this picture and I can tell what it is showing but maybe I better describe it since it is a little blurry. I can't wait until the new iphone comes out this summer with the better camera. M/V "Pacific Seal" with super structure lights loading on pier 10

Just below the lights you can see our two twenty foot reefers. They are filled with cold and frozen cargo like chicken and produce. Lost in the darkness below that to the left is the ship's large steel ramp. Cargo is rolled on using mules (to pull the containers) and fork lifts for all the loose cargo. We always load concrete block first as a base (you can't see it in the photo as the general cargo is behind the containers and covered with a tarp). Next voyage I will take a picture showing the staging of the general cargo before our night loading.